Baby it’s cold outside

Baby it's cold outside

I am hating summer right now! It’s 35° celcius, muggy and we are expecting a thunderstorm. I want it to be winter so I can snuggle on the couch and drink nice hot tea with my dog.  It was funny when the next design competition on Polyvore was a cozy bedding theme. They must have known that I had already been planning my winter bedding scheme and drooling over the amazing Barneys cable knot throw blanket but at $1405 I think it can wait.

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Monochrome Living

Monochrome Living
Pair bold monochrome with organic shapes to create amazing room designs.

Swimming pools I crave

Ok, I live in Australia and at the moment we are experiencing a 41°c day (105 fahrenheit for all peeps playing at home). Now this isn’t to bad when you work in an office because usually you have air-conditioning and my 40+ degree day becomes a lovely 25°. But today on our hottest day of our summer so far the air-con DIED!!!!

So while the boss man is running around buying all the pedestal fans he can, I am creating a landscape design for my client. A plan that includes a pool. A design that requires me to research ideas for preliminary design to be submitted to my client. So in stupid hot weather I am looking at the beautiful blue ripples of amazing swimming pools and it isn’t helping my cause 😦

Here are some of the stunning designs I am loving right now.

This beautiful oasis paradise is created by a Dutch firm Centric Design Group

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