A bit about the Bandit

A bit about me:

I am a draftsperson and small business owner in Perth, Western Australia. In my professional time I draw pretty houses and help clients have the home of their dreams whilst never making enough money for a dream house of my own 😦 Though working full time I still run my little business after hours. I work in freelance administration helping other small businesses.

I am a shopaholic with a love of shoes, oddities and all things shiney. I am the biggest bargain hunter in the world, finding products through odd means to get the best deal.

Food is also a great love of mine. I am a horrible cook (though I do try) so I tend to sample the best food from great local restaurants. I am a coffee snob and have a terrible addiction to the black liquid gold!

I am also a mum to my fur baby Jet, a dachshund cross who is the most spoilt dog in the world. I am sure there will be sneaky post of him nomming on one of his thousands of soft toys (when you see it you will understand).

Well I am sure you will find out more about me in post to come.

Love, the Bandit xxx



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