Back at it again!

Whoa, sorry little blog. I have neglected you for over a year now.

And I must say that year has been a hectic one! 1 wedding, 2 babies + one in the oven, a breakup, getting a new puppy and a new house (well sort of).

Now 3 of 3 weddings are complete and though they were amazing, I am glad they are done! Our wedding conversions have now turned into baby conversations. Not my babies… I have a little black dog that fills that category, But I am now the proud Aunty of my beautiful niece Frankie and adorable nephew Connor.


Hello World, meet Frankie!

In addition to this gorgeous little munchkin we recently got a new puppy. We have always had Blue Heelers in our household so when our old girl Cassie passed in December it was odd not having one around. After searching for a few weeks we finally decided on Memphis (not our name choice but it’s growing on me now).

This little terror strikes fear in shoes everywhere! He is a little kleptomaniac who hoards everything he steals in his little bed. Just this morning I was having a shower and when I got out I had discovered my towel had gone missing and all I heard was this little monster galavanting through the house to take it to his nest of things!!! If he wasn’t so damn cute he would get in so much trouble!

In a plan to keep my shoes safe from evil puppy, I am building a new house. Well it’s so I don’t have to live at my parents in a granny flat. That’s right, I am becoming an adult! I am shocked too… Just as shocked as I was when I saw the monthly repayments for my loan…. GASP!!!!!


My future house 😀

My tiny little home, all 7.5m wide of it, is currently at contract stage… and it’s taking too long. If all goes well I will be moving in mid February 2017. That means 7 months of Pinteresting my way through room designs, furniture ideas and interior decoration planning. It also means 7 months to buy everything I need to live in a new home. I seriously did not know how much stuff you need once you move out.

Well I better get back to work… my house isn’t going to pay itself off.


The Bandit