Desk Ideas

Desk Ideas

It has been a busy few months here. If the festive season was not enough I have just completed wedding 2 of 3 (glad that one is finished) and there is one thing I am planning to do now things have quietened down. I NEED A NEW OFFICE!!!

My poor little home office is not quite cutting it. It is dull and boring and I have decided it is time for a spruce up. I need more storage and space for house plans as they are quite big. I also have discovered that I have a pen obsession. I mean I use a range of pencils and markers for drafting houses and making them look pretty for my clients but I seem to have triple the amount of pens a normal person would have. I have resorted to using novelty mugs I receive as gifts as pen cups (and I have 4 of them on my desk plus all the actual storage things).

So now I am stuck on whether to go quirky and bright or classic. I have started with the bright aspect today. Let me know what you think or if you have any ideas that can help 🙂

P.S. how adorable is the Echidna?!?!?!

P.P.S. An Echidna is an Aussie Hedgehog 🙂

Until next time,


The Bandit


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