No Make-up Selfie!

No Make-up Selfie!
Another Polyvore contest and I want to let you know I actually use all these products on a regular basis.

I love the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation because I get really oily skin and it seems to be the only product I have used that lets me go almost all day without having to reapply.
I am into anything Stila and the Lip and Cheek Stain is a god send because it saves a tonne of time in the morning. All you do is swipe some across your cheeks and you’re done!
I bought a mini Urban Decay palette because they where on sale and I am too cheap to buy the full size one. I think that the 6 colours are great and there is almost no need for the bigger palette.
A friend bought me a Sephora Lip Butter for Christmas a few years ago and I absolutely loved it….. until my dog ate it and now I can’t fathom paying $10 shipping for a $10 lip balm. I am sure I can find it in my city so the hunt is on!
Happy shopping,
Tha Bandit xxx

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