Garden Party

Garden Party

American Apparel white blouse, 50 AUD / Forever New blue jacket / Mary Katrantzou pleated skirt, 1 390 AUD / Lipsy blue shoes, 51 AUD / Envelope clutch, 61 AUD / Forever 21 jewelry, 22 AUD / Rose gold bracelet / Nars cosmetic, 32 AUD

I am going to let you in on a little secret…. I am addicted to the game Covert Fashion! If your life has not been touched by this amazing game you essentially are given themes and you have to create an outfit for the occasion using real fashion items. Yes I know it sounds lame but I love it and until recently I was forced to play out my fashion stylists dreams on a 4 inch screen until now. I have discovered Polyvore’s style creator and I am hooked! I have used Polyvore in the past but never knew that you could create these amazing “look books” and whats even better, I can post it straight to the blog!!! Super lazy times ahead for me 🙂

So my very first look is more of a dream outfit I want for my little sisters wedding at the end of the month. It is being held in a rainforest resort in Ubud, Bali and it looks stunning! Very lush gardens with heaps of exotic flowers and surrounds. I can wait just to see the venue in person (and I promise to post heaps of stunning photos).

So until then I am going to keep drooling over the Katrantzou pleated skirt and contemplate selling my kidney to afford it.


The Bandit




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