10 Icey Poles To Get You Drunk!

Here in Australia it is summer and it is freaking hot! Most of my summer holidays will be spent in my spa drinking lovely coctail and now munching on these amazing icey poles (or ice pops for non aussies 🙂 )

1. Peach Bourbon Lemonade Ice Pops

Peach Bourbon Lemonade Ice Pops

lorimerkitchen.com. Get the recipe.

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Oh shiney!

All my friends have decided to get married AT THE SAME TIME!!! I have 3 weddings in a matter of 3 months and I have been roped in to be a bridesmaid for 2.

Along with all the weddings come all of the other associated events (hens parties etc) and it means I just HAVE to buy a new outfit for each one! I am in love with everything ASOS so I have started a list of all the lovely new clothes I will be buying (on my ridiculously small budget)

P.S. if you find yourself falling in love like I have I have linked them for you 🙂

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